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Welcome to the TR wikia. If you're reading this, either you've randomly stumbled in (in which case, welcome; head over to the server to join in on the fun, as long as you're over 18) or you're already a member and want to read up on the latest community-submitted lore, or add your own!

This wikia hosts server, job, and character information, as well as community-contributed lore for the Tentative Reality role-play Discord server. What is contained in this wiki goes well beyond the pinned posts for the major channels.


What is Tentative Reality?

TR is an 18+ Discord server with a retro-futuristic sci-fi setting. The server can be joined at The story starts in the Unified System - our solar system, where every planet and most major moons have cities, and society spans the system. Humans, aliens of many shapes and sizes, robots and androids make their way in the universe. Fortunes are won and lost, battles are fought, and mysteries unveiled.

While relatively new, the community being formed on the server is friendly and helpful, full of interesting ideas and stories to share.



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